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Patti has been in the health and wellness field as an RD and Personal Trainer for over 25 years.   
She began her yoga journey in her early twenties as a way to gain flexibility and calm the mind while training for marathons. It wasn’t until an injury sidelined her that her practice became more consistent and her love for not only the physical benefits of yoga but the mental fitness it provided, motivated Patti to pursue teacher training. In the spring of 2018 she became certified in Baptiste style Vinyasa through Upaya School of Yoga Arts. She is also certified in PyroPilates and HIIT.

Patti is passionate about proper form and listening to your body to make any practice or workout accessible. Her classes emphasize the importance of the breath, mindfulness and practicing without judgement.

Patti provides both a physically and mentally challenging class. Catch her teaching PyroPilates Wednesday morning and Yoga Sculpt Monday night.

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