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Olivia started her yoga journey in 2019 and knew right away that this practice was something she loved.  She loved being a part of the Tribe community as well. She decided to take the next step in becoming a teacher through the Tribe YTT program and she says it has changed her life. Teaching enables her to spread light to others and has made her personal practice stronger on and off the mat. While the powerful vinyasa and pyro pilates classes at Tribe may be some of her favorites, she loves slowing it down for her restorative candlelight vinyasa classes on Sunday nights. Ever since having her yoga practice become such a huge part of her life, she has learned how important it is to let go, listen to her body, and practice yoga off the mat.


She is currently a student at Temple University studying sports management.  Off the mat, she is living the campus life with her friends or spending time with her family, and her aussie puppy Kona. She also loves seeing new places, spending her summers in Wildwood, and watching the Philadelphia 76ers.


Olivia can’t wait to continue to meet fellow yogis at Tribe and strives to deliver power, light, and love to all of her students. 

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