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Three months ago, I asked a client a question: "What do you think of your influencer brand identity?" The client's CEO immediately retorted: "We are not an internet celebrity brand! This is a misunderstanding of us by the outside world!" I suddenly realized Bulk SMS Service one thing: I don’t know since when, calling a brand an “Internet celebrity brand” has been tantamount to swearing. It may be because many Internet celebrity brands are short-lived ghosts, and more Internet celebrity brands just earned eyeballs, but did not earn money. However, when we can finally look at Internet celebrity brands rationally, the industry's understanding of Internet celebrity brands is still very naive, such as: Why do Internet celebrity brands die so quickly? ——Because it only focuses on gimmicks, not products; it only operates traffic, not trust. Come on, CEOs and CMOs who can make Internet celebrity brands are not fools.

Md Robiul Islam

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