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Melissa has had a passion for health, fitness, and well-being most of her life.  In 2005 she began her teaching journey starting with Spinning classes, which evolved into teaching circuit training and other endurance based fitness classes. 


A back injury in 2012 led Melissa into yoga, and it was exactly what she needed mentally and physically.  Yoga was something that enabled her to keep moving without causing more pain, while also providing a challenging workout, which she craved.  Not only did yoga not cause her more pain, but it relieved some of it.  After practicing for a few months, Melissa noticed transformation in ways that no other fitness class or sport had given her.  In 2015, Melissa eagerly became a certified yoga teacher, and she has been practicing and teaching passionately ever since.  She is excited and eager to bring this passion to everyone at Tribe. 


Off the mat, Melissa is a wife and mom.  In addition to yoga, she has a passion for cooking homemade meals and helping other busy families do the same.  She enjoys sitting on the sidelines of her kids’ soccer and basketball games, and participating in local community events. 

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