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Nichole’s love for Barre began 4 years ago when her search for a more holistic approach to aide in healing of physical injuries and auto immune disease became her focus. Her desire to strengthen her mind, body and soul was found at the Barre and through fitness. Nichole’s passion for Barre quickly grew into something she wished to share with others. She received her Barre certification through Barre Above and pursued her desire to share her experience and love for Barre. Nichole continues to educate herself in health, wellness and fitness and is passionate about sharing new ideas and techniques during her classes. She finds her students growth to be the biggest inspiration.

Nichole believes we all need to find a place we can connect within ourselves and with others. A place to heal and grow mentally and physically.  She hopes to inspire others at Tribe to find peace, strength, growth and empowerment at the Barre. 

Nichole’s other passions are creating memories with her family, raising her four beautiful children and her career at In The Village Salon and Spa pampering her clients.

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