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Raquel's passion for fitness started at an early age with her being a competitive swimmer. Throughout her life she has prioritized fitness as it has brought tremendous benefits both physically and mentally. 


While doing her Ph.D. in Denver, Raquel fell in love with HIIT and committed to doing it daily in order to manage stress, an autoimmune disease, and maintain her fitness. After doing HIIT for a few years she was introduced to Hot Yoga and PyroPilates which also became apart of her regular fitness routine. 


After moving to New Jersey and joining Tribe, Raquel decided to get certified in PyroPilates, HIIT, and go through Yoga teacher training. Her energy is contagious and her passion for health and wellness has her in the studio 7 days a week.


Off the mat, Raquel is a Professor of Higher Education at Rowan University. Her research focuses on advancing social justice, with a specific focus on creating environments that are equitable and inclusive. Her passion for teaching transcends the classroom and her love for wellness has taken her on a path that now allows her to lead in a new way, on the mat.


Raquel will challenge and inspire you! Come and experience her energy, you won't be disappointed! 

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